What it takes to be an animator…

From: Animators Need To Be Rebels, Steve ‘Spaz’ Williams Says

When Steve Williams, who previously worked on Terminator 2, was told
by his supervisor on Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park film project
that it was impossible to make the T-Rex entirely with computer
animation, the rebel in him kicked in. Williams scanned the most
complete tyrannosaurus skeleton in a foreign museum and secretly
recreated the scan on the computer. Before long the dinosaur had skin
and teeth and was running. When the film producers saw William’s
creation they changed the direction of the film production that would
consist of all dinosaurs being animated on the computer.

“If you’re not rebellious you can’t make a difference,” Williams told
a packed auditorium. “My rebellion made those movies and changed the
industry because of what was in there,” he said pointing to his head.
“I was driven. They said ‘no, you can’t do it, it’s impossible. We
decreed it as being impossible.’ Good, thank you so much for decreeing
‘it’s impossible, you can’t do it’ because I’m going to change it.
Watch. That’s what I did.”

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